January 1, 2017


So you want to know a little bit about Dan DiPietro, aye? You roll a successful insight check, fortunately for me, it’s not a crit, so I don’t have to give you all the skeletons in my closet. I will at least give you the broad strokes of how I got to developing this website and the RPG content on it.

What got me into RPGs

Since I can remember, I have been playing fantasy games. Some of my earliest childhood memories were designing worlds. At the time when I started, THAC0 was the way AD&D was played. As a youngster, I couldn’t wrap my brain around it so I took the easiest pieces and made my own monsters to play with. It was a THICK book of ideas.

As I grew up, my illustration did, too. There was no reason to draw something nice, illustrating monsters and impending doom was way more fun. Not only that but very memorable and exciting.

Skipping Ahead

After I got married and had my first child I decided that getting back into my old passions would be a good idea. I couldn’t find a role playing group locally among friends so I discovered Roll20 in 2013. In 2016, I bought an iPad Pro and downloaded Procreate. The rest is history. I ramped up my website and starting putting my artwork out there for the world to see.

Dan DiPietro

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