Plains Rollable Terrain Table

Overlook Rock 52x52

Overlook Rock 52x52Plains might seem like a rather lackluster place to set an encounter because the imagination brings up visions of a flat grassland. In truth, there are actually a massive amount of ideas you can muster when it comes to plains terrain. On your next random encounter, give it a try. The possibilities are exciting and easy to come up with. For my own map, I was able to come up with a gargantuan rock pillar in a wildflower meadow in my Overlook Rock RPG map.

Plains Rollable Terrain Table

Try the rollable table below and add some flare to your flattened landscape. Make sure to tag me @DungeonsByDan on Twitter to show me your work!

Primary Plains Terrain Feature (Roll 1)

1- Flat
2- Hill Summit
3- Rocky
4- Hill Saddle
5- Large Bushes
7- Small Bog
8- Clearing
9- Massive solo tree
10- Gargantuan rock pillars

Secondary Plains Terrain Feature (Roll 1)

1- Very Tall Grass
2- Bramble
3- Short Grass
4- Vein of Precious Metal
5- Small Stream
6- Wildflower Meadow
7- Bubbling Spring
8-Thorn Bushes

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