Coastal Rollable Terrain

Reef CrashRecently I ran a segment of a campaign where the PCs needed to find the crew of a recent ship that went lost. They knew that the lighthouse inhabitant was dead and without the light being manned and the sailors at sea would crash. In their search of the island, I needed to create a couple of maps with shipwrecks for the PCs to search. Using the Coastal Rollable Terrain table below I was able to create a quick list of ideas that would work for my maps. Then I was able to pack them full of interesting encounters that enticed the PCs to move forward, but just far enough away to make them wary. I think they know me well enough to always be wary, though! Check out the Reef Crash and Boat Crash created with the table below. And remember I would love to see your art. Roll a map and let me see what you made! Tag me on twitter @DungeonsByDan.

Boat Crash 40x26Coastal Primary Terrain Shape (Roll 1)
1- Island off-shore
2- Rocky Shore
3- Pristine beach
4- Bay
5- Peninsula
6- Rock slabs
7- Natural wave barrier
8- Cliff

Coastal Secondary Terrain (Roll 1)
1- Quick drop off
2- Long Shallow Beach
3- Brutal Waves
4- Coral/Rocky Water
5- Underwater Cave
6- Reeds
7- Beached boat/creature
8- Shipwreck

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