Procreate Brushes For RPG Maps

IRPG map scaly texture finally got my act together to get the brushes I promised from my last post. They came out great and have been a BLAST to work with on my RPG maps. It got to be a bit of an obsession to find all sorts of different textures once I started. Since I use the program Procreate on my iPad Pro I have a lot of versatility on pressure, shapes, consistency etc.

The Best Brush For Painting RPG Maps

There are a lot of great YouTube videos that discuss how to make them fit your needs, but often you need a place to start. The best brush for a map is the texture that, obviously, most likely resembles that texture you need. That’s not to say that a rough scratchy texture can’t work for a dirt pile or grass area, but if you want water, use reflective like textures.

Going Seamless

RPG Maps bubble textureThe other point is to use seamless brushes. If you don’t go seamless, you run the risk of being able to see the edges of the brush. The way to do that is pretty simple. If you use photoshop, use the filter>other setting and select offset. Offset the image by 50%. You should be able to see the image edges in the center now. You will need to use various clone stamp, healing brush, and patch tools to cover up those edges. If you look at the image on the right, it is seamless. You can still barely see the edges because of the light vs. dark coloring. This is fine since it will be light and faded. The end user won’t recognize it on the final RPG map.

The brushes that I designed are seamless textures so you should not be able to easily see that it is repeating, and if you do, the brush size you are using is too small. Tiles textures, for example, are meant to be repeated, but you can still change the size to fit your maps needs.

The brushes came out looking really great add a whole bunch of interest to an otherwise empty space. Check out my Stairwell of The Gods RPG map page which makes great use of the tile to add a lot of interesting nuances to the floor. You can purchase all 15 brushes that I use for $2 on the Brush Pattern Set page.


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