Blackened Chain Mail Shirt

Today I just received my blackened chainmail. It’s 23lbs, but honestly, it seems WAY heavier! I put it on and the weight seems pretty balanced actually once it’s over my entire body supports it. After my last session I’m still curious how hot I might get during the heat of battle. I want to wear it to my practice tomorrow, but I’m not sure my loaner gear will fit with it. It’s also much thinner than other warriors armor in the sense that it’s close to my body versus putting more padding between me and my outer protection.

Blackened Chainmail


The chainmail is absolutely beautiful. I found a few pieces that are not connected correctly, but I was able to put them back together very easily and very quickly. I’m told that butted chainmail will fall apart very quickly, but with constant maintenance it will stay well. I watched some youtube videos which show some amazingly easy tactics to make sure it stays together, but ultimately its maintenance.

The one idea which I found great was to take a small stick with the thickness of a mail link and place it into a drill. Take the gauge metal you are wearing and spin the drill around until you have a solid piece of metal that looks like a spring. Then you can clip it with sniper and have perfectly rounded chainmail links. It’s incredibly simple actually!


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