Jungle Rollable Terrain Table

Abandoned Hut 40x52
Ruined Temple 37x48

Ruined Temple 37×48

There is nothing more exciting than pitting your PCs against plant matter in one of the most grueling of natural places. Jungles terrain is host to bugs, wild trees, pockets of water and the things nightmares are made of. Next time you are tested by those pesky PCs try my jungle rollable terrain table and see what you come up with. Make sure to tag my @DungeonsbyDan twitter account so I can see your work!

Primary Jungle Terrain Table (Roll 2):
1 – Thick Trees
2- Cypress Trees
3- Deep Water
4- Rocky/Mossy Cliffs
5- Stream
6- Pool of water
7- Ridgeline
8- Cliff
9- Clearing
10- Valley/Depression

Abandoned Hut 40x52

Abandoned Hut 40×52

Secondary Jungle Terrain Table (Roll 2):

Lost Ruined Temple Caves 41x54

Lost Ruined Temple Caves 41×54

1- Slippery slope
2- Thick vines
3- Shallow stream
4- Down Trees
5- Bug swarms
6- Boulders
7- Mossy rocks
8- Thorn bushes
9- Light undergrowth
10- Thick undergrowth
11- Thick humidity
12- Underground spring

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