War To End All Wars Part 4

Crimson River

As the PCs flew back to Breland they were able to make contact with Pallova confirming his location on the western border with the Prince. They stopped there only to find that the undead were already at their doorstep. Pallova sent the PCs back to the Floating Palace- this time to uncover it’s deeper secrets.

Cid had been reimbursed for his crashed airship by this time and was hired to fly yet again. This time, however, the mission was a high altitude jump in the darkness of night using some of the feather fall devices on the airship. One by one they stepped up to the edge and free fall into the dawn of the morning. Softly landing on the ground they snuck into the Floating Palace taking out guards one by one. Exploring deeper into the palace, they discovered several portals. Going through one, they came to realize that they were no longer on the material plane anymore- they were in the Shadowfell. After exploring for a little while, they found that they were in over their heads (they were not supposed to be there yet in the campaign!). They found the same coffin, yet, this coffin was different. It housed a different Vampire, and this time he was sleeping in it. With a well placed series of attacks they killed a main enemy they had not even known they existed, promoting Lord Striker’s position in the campaign.

While upsetting the DM at that time, I had to think quickly, which means that the PCs needed to get out of that realm right away for the story to continue correctly. I threw loads of undead monsters at the pushing them back further and further toward the portal. Just as the PCs were at their final moments of being in the Shadowfell before the escape portal, an undead shadow killed the dwarf paladin with a major crit to his face. Retreating back into the material plane, they wallowed in their despair, but not for long, as the palace needed to be cleared out or all of their lives would have suffered the same fate.

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After clearing the Floating Palace, the PCs flew it back to Breland for inspections by the King’s high scholar for further investigation. The PCs headed onward, as they received notice of a Valenar elf squad had found something interesting in the jungles of Q’Barra, but then they were lost at a place called Aerie’s Lighthouse.

PCs headed to Valenar and gained escort by ship to the lighthouse. Cid and Maelstrom headed to the Dwarven Stronghold of Krona Peak to discuss what support against Karrnath they could support. In getting to the Aerie’s Port, a small village near the lighthouse, PCs realized all its inhabitants were dead from a spider infestation. The sole activity was a lone ghost of the light house who’s work had not been finished. The ghost frightened one of the PCs, aging him 40 years pushing the limits of his 90-year-old life and well beyond his adventuring career.

Aerie's Beacon 53x42

Aerie’s Beacon 53×42

Eventually, the PCs found the Valenar adventuring party. They had uncovered a map with directions to the third Demon Gate deep in the jungles of Q’Barra in ancient temples that once were host to fiercesome tribes of lizard folk. Also on the map was a description of 3 blood stones and 4 elemental stones.

Sailing for a couples days the finally came to the Crimson River entrance. They beached the boat and headed upriver on a smaller craft, more suitable for river travel until finally, they came to the ruins. Overgrown and deadly, they were able to uncover the 3 blood stones which were protected by demon guardians. Using these stones they unlocked a portal to floating temples in the sky. There they would find the elemental stones which would act as a key to yet another portal.

Old Fort 35x51

Old Fort 35×51

Stepping into the portal, one by one the adventurers disappeared and reappears a mile above the earth. There were 3 ruined temples each connected to the portal island.

Tomorrow they will find what dangers lie ahead in the elemental temples.

Maps used in part 4 of this campaign:
Floating Palace
Aerie’s Beach
Jungle Temples

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