The War To End All Wars Part 3



In the morning, as blood dried and the storm let up, the PCs were able to find a path down the mountain to meet with one of the elven towns of called Moss Mantle. There they found the town was in a flurry of activity as they had just defeated a horde of undead zombies coming from the forest. They found that Maelstrom was there after he had heard about some of the recent demon/undead activity. Together they coordinated the assault on what had come to be known as a “Demon Gate.” The Orcs and elves would meet there is less than a weeks time.

The PCs set out of their quest to the Demon Gate. One of the PCs fell from a sniper’s arrow dipped in poison. It was a critical hit from the maximum long bow distance setting the tone of the death to come. After several days of trekking through the forest and coming into contact with several undead and demon scouting groups, the PCs had their armies prepared for battle. Both Orc and Elf drove down on the demons and undead. Undead launched pestilence and disease into the ranks of the living. Each unit sustained heavy casualties, but the day was handed to the PCs, who snuck through the fray to sever the head of the snake. They stealthily maneuvered around the temple, taking out guards along the way, destroying the demon leader in his tracks.

There they behold the demon gate. It was 50′ tall and 30′ wide towering over the mortal races. Maelstrom, with his deep knowledge of arcane magics was able to dispel the gates power, closing it for good. They rejoiced, but not for long, as news from Maelstrom’s order came that another gate had been found deep in the southern swamps of the Shadow Marches.

Off they flew to his order on griffins, but got quickly sidetracked as Anthar a great Copper Dragon guided them down to his ancient ruined city. There he explained to the PCs the recent happenings in the region. Three power groups were at odds, Anthar’s Army, The Mad Murderer, and Blackbeard. The PCs went through a series of quests identifying which group could/should be trusted in assistance with their own mission. Eventually, they found out by selfish means both Anthar and The Mad Murderer had healthy, yet difficult objectives of reigning in the region while Blackbeard was in association with the demons leveraging the creation of undead hordes. The PCs started the movement for war while they took more griffins over to the site of the Demon’s Gate and dismantled the threat.

As they left the scene Maelstrom conceded that it was time the PCs head back to Breland to meet up with Pallova to see if he had survived and what information was obtained from the papers that they recovered from the Floating Palace.

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