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Unfortunately, I start this series about 2 years into my campaign, but I figured I would begin anyway since I have been actively playing my campaign with 4 friends online and still have quite a bit of time left to play. We are currently at chapter 10 of approximately 18.

Here is a little recap of what has happened, which will not do the campaign much service, but it will have to do. The campaign is a home brew campaign base in the Eberron setting of D&D 5e. Experience is based on chapters points and all characters are good aligned (to some degree). We play on Roll20 most weeks

In the last few years after The Last War a human by the name of Pallova believed the forces of Karrnath were plotting against the Kingdom of Breland. He called forth the PCs to embark on a secret mission to explore his hypothesis and to uncover what secrets it may hold. Pallova was the Prince’s aide and asking them to act on behalf of Breland in a covert operation in which no other could know.

The first mission was to send the PCs to the Floating Palace which often does business with some unsavory merchants. They met Cid, an old fighter with an eye patch, round belly, large silvered glaive, and most important airship captain who has put aside his warrior days for the life of a merchant. He hunts mostly coin and endeavors involving coin. He had fought for Breland during his time, but as a merchant, holds no true allegiance. He does, however, have debts to pay and honor to uphold from his past and therefore supports special operations of Breland when it comes to the kingdom’s initiatives.

Cid and Pallova brought the PCs to a town where the PCs first observed the waters poisoning its people. They found information in a cave regarding the supplies coming from the Floating Palace. The next day they headed up to the Floating Palace on what is known as Merchant Day, which happens once a month for trade. They shut down all operations and focus solely on trade with the Lord of the palace, Lord Striker. Their mission was dangerous but simple, find out what the Floating Palace’s recent initiatives were while acting as. Merchants in part of Cid’s trade.

Along the way, they met an elf named Maelstrom. He carried an ornate staff and long green cloak. Apparently, he had a similar mission to Pallova and asked the PCs if they were willing to assist him in finding more information concerning the activities of the Floating Palace. The PCs now had to figure out who they wanted to support- Pallova or Maelstrom. Neither of which they held much trust for to this point in the campaign.

Floating Palace Ground Level 54x41

Floating Palace Ground Level 54×41

The PCs snuck around the castle finding, to their surprise, notes about poisoning waters across Khorvaire for the coming of the Fallen Prince. More disturbing, though, they found a coffin instead of a bedroom. Accidentally, they opened a treasure chest which was trapped, exploding with a loud BOOM. They took the papers and rushed out of a tower only to find that they had created a hive of activity below. They leaped to Cid’s airship who had begun to hightail it out of there. Their escape was short lived as enemy airships followed in pursuit. Waves of skeleton warriors dropped down from above pummeling their defenses. Finally, Lord Striker flew in on a giant bat and engaged the PCs. Claws drew blood, arcane magic screeched across the bow, swords drew blood. The battle was quick but brutal, as the airship was hit with several ballista bolts setting fire to internal gear. It started sinking toward the ground in a long drawn out arc over several miles. Maelstrom fell from the airship, but the PCs saved Pallova and gave him the documents they recovered from the Floating Palace.

The PCs found themselves in a cold desert when they woke. Cid called upon his giant eagle to come pick them up and the PCs awaited their return. They were now alone.

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Floating Palace

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