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Dungeon Maps

My primary goal is to create unique RPG maps to challenge your players in fun and exciting ways.

One-Shot Adventures

There is no good without evil. I will be creating one-shot adventures complete with writing and maps to spice up your campaigns or for a quick on the spot session.


I have two different podcasts. One with my son called Dungeons and Kids where I will put him on adventures and see how he overcomes monsters and obstacles. Coming soon is Dungeons by Dan where I will discuss various D&D related topics.

Patreon Supported

My maps are patreon supported. Please consider supporting today!

Mind Flayers Blog

From the Ithillid's manuscript to you

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Designer, videographer, photographer, illustrator, slammer
Dan DiPietro
Dan DiPietro
RPG Map Illustrator, Blog Author, DM
Since childhood, I have had a love of RPGs and illustration. I’ve finally combined them both in this website where I get to showcase all the work I’ve done.
Blog Author
Jim is new to the RPG scene but has found a passion for it right away. After just four sessions he dove right into the DMing scene furthering his love for RPGs.
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