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Dungeon Maps

My primary goal is to create unique RPG maps to challenge your players in fun and exciting ways.

One-Shot Adventures

There is no good without evil. I will be creating one-shot adventures complete with writing and maps to spice up your campaigns or for a quick on the spot session.


Illustrating weird beasts of unimaginable power and fantasy characters to make your campaign come to life.

Patreon Supported

My maps are patreon supported. Please consider supporting today!

Mind Flayers Blog

From the Ithillid's manuscript to you

A closer look

Designer, videographer, photographer, illustrator, slammer
Dan DiPietro
Dan DiPietro
RPG Map Illustrator, Blog Author, DM
Since childhood, I have had a love of RPGs and illustration. I’ve finally combined them both in this website where I get to showcase all the work I’ve done.
Blog Author
Jim is new to the RPG scene but has found a passion for it right away. After just four sessions he dove right into the DMing scene furthering his love for RPGs.
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